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www.TelltheBell.com | Taco Bell Customer Survey

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If there is anything better than a crunchy taco from Taco Bell we don’t want to know what it is!  Not only does Taco Bell have the best Taco’s in the world they also have a very healthy Taco perfect for those on a diet.  These Taco’s can be found on their Fresco Menu which averages about 20 to 100 calories less per menu item versus the original.  This menu is equivalent to the Subway low-fat menu but overs more variety in our opinion.  Many people are terming the Fresco menu as the “drive thru diet”.  ”If they had to [eat fast food], this is probably one of the better approaches,” a personal trainer said of Taco Bell’s Fresco items. “The message should be: Find things that are healthy as possible that fit into the lifestyle.”

After you chow down on a few Fresco style tacos be sure to provide your customer feedback at the TellTheBell customer survey web portal.  Not only will you be providing helpful feedback but you might also win a FREE ipad 2!

One individual claims to lost over 50 pounds using the “drive thru diet” by eating the “Fresco menu” five to eight times a week.  ”I lost about two pounds a month over a period of two years by reducing my daily calories and replacing my typical fast-food lunch or dinner with something from the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet,” states Christine Dougherty.  This diet is not an end game but we recommend you replace your McDonald’s visits with the Fresco menu.

You can take the survey at www.tellthebell.com


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