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www.SocialSecurity.gov/Payee | Representative Payee Accounting Report Form

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Thousands of American’s receiving social security payments are not competent to handle their monthly checks. They might spend them on booze, gambling or even give them away to strangers. This is where the Social Security Representative payee program steps in. When friends and family are not able to serve as payee, Social Security looks for qualified organizations to be a representative payee.

Below is a copy of the Representative Payee Accounting Report Form.

Form Approved: OMB No. 0960-0068
Expires 08/2014

If you need help with the form please call any of the following toll free number to speak with a Social Security customer service rep.
1-800-772-1213 toll free

1-800-325-0778, for the hearing impaired between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday.

www.SocialSecurity.gov/Payee or Representative Payee Accounting Report Form


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