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Looking for help with a recent product you have recently purchased at Walmart? Then look no further and visit the Walmart Product assistance and Support online portal at www.ProductAssist.com/Walmart and thank me later. This cool customer service feature from Walmart is mostly for recent electronic purchases at Walmart. You can get help answering questions about a confusing product by phone or the internet though live chat. I recently purchased a Home Theater System from Walmart. I consider myself a pretty tech savoy guy and thought I could install it no problem… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After the first hour of screaming, cursing, and tossing items across my living room in anger I decide to visit www.ProductAssist.com/Walmart for help. Please note that a customer service plan is required and all new users will have to register for an account. After the easy sign up process I immediately brought up the live chat feature and in minutes the customer service rep. was guiding me through a step by step trouble shooting process on how to get my system to function correctly. In 20 minutes my Sony BDV-E570 Blu-ray/DVD Home Entertainment System was working like a charm. My suggestion is to contact Walmart Product assistance and Support with any kind of electronic install you might have. This program is an experiment and might not be around forever.

Right now the following products are supported by Walmart Product Assistance: Desktop Computers, Scanners, Monitors, Notebook Computers, Printers, Projection TVs, LDC/Plasma TVs, DVD/VCR Players, Blu-ray Players, TV/DVD Combos, Home Theater Systems, Digital Cameras, MP3/iPod, GPS Devices, Direct View TVs, Gaming Consoles and PDA Devices. Overall this is an excellent customer service tool provided by Walmart and I really hope they do not discontinue the pilot program. 24 hour tech support, owners manuals, and set up guides are available to account holder. Enjoy, I know I did.

Walmart Product assistance and Support: www.productassist.com/walmart


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