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www.PostalExperience.com/Pos | USPS Customer Experience Survey

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I can’t say I’m surprised that the USPS Customer Experience Survey does not provide a customer with a reward for taking the survey but I’m very disappointed. PostalExperience.com/Pos is powered by Maritz Research and is available in English and Spanish. If you recently visited your local post office recently please have the ZIP and the 4 digit code number printed at the top of the receipt ready to start the survey. The survey should only take around 5 minutes to complete and your answer will be kept confidential. If you don’t like the service at your local USPS tell them! Don’t be surprised if you mail starts to go missing however lol. The code number is located above the date and phone number on the receipt. I took the survey just for fun and it took me about 5 minutes. I will never take this survey again due to the lack of incentive.

The United States Postal Service is run by the United States Government and is in deep financial trouble. They have been laying of thousands of employees recently and they have even talked about stopping service on Saturdays. The Government regulates prices and how many days a week it must make deliveries and that is the problem. The Government should not be involved in Business. USPS troubles really started with the Al Gore. Al Gore invented this thing called the Internet that has made life very hard for the US Post Office. UPS and FedEx didn’t do the Post Office any favors either. It should be noted that every time I have shipped a package it is ALWAYS cheaper to send it through USPS. A 15 pound package cost me $91 through USPS, $135 through FedEx, and $139 through UPS. But the agency is still billions of dollars in debt and may be forced to shut down.

At any rate if your interested in taking the survey and helping out the postal service please visit www.PostalExperience.com/Pos


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