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Stomach Gas Home Remedies

admin on March 22, 2011 - 1:27 am in Stomach Gas

Few things in life are as embarrassing as an ill-timed bout with stomach gas.  In order to avoid this situation it is good to know some natural ways to reduce stomach gas.  Familiarity with these natural cures can be a real lifesaver.

Swallowed Air:

There are chemicals behind all of our interesting bodily processes and that holds true for stomach gas as well.  Many people have a habit of swallowing large amounts of air, usually associated with anxiety, and this actually leads to a buildup of stomach gas.  How does that work?  Air has a lot of nitrogen and  when the excess nitrogen is not absorbed it results in a buildup that can lead to stomach gas.  Reducing the habit of swallowing lots of air can help. There are several stress-relieving techniques that can help to reduce the anxiety that is usually behind this habit.  Also avoid laying down after eating since the this position makes it easier for the gas to pass through the body.

Too Many Carbohydrates:

If your body does not process carbohydrates well then consuming too many of them can lead to excess stomach gas.  This problem is actually one that should be taken to your doctor, since depending on the severity of the issue, it may require some stronger measures.  From natural perspective though you should consider making sure that you thoroughly chew your food while eating.  Food that has been chewed is much easier for the body to digest.  You may need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you consume.  It may be a good idea to reduce your carbohydrate intake for a week and examine the affect that it has on your stomach gas. 

Too Much Fat Intake:

Just as too many carbohydrates can cause digestion issues, so can too much fat.  Unfortunately many people consume high fat diets, and along with the myriad other health problems that this kind of diet can cause, there are direct links to a high fat diet and excess stomach gas.  Again by reducing your fat intake and observing the affect it has on your gas issues you may be able to pinpoint and solve the problem.


Chamomile has special properties that aid in digestion and it can help to reduce the amount of stomach gas in your body.  Chamomile tea is quite easy to find and a cup a day can help you to quickly see a  reduction in stomach gas.  Chamomile is also available in pill form if that is your preferred method of consumption. 


Tarragon is another herb that belongs to the Artemesia family that has properties that can aid in digestion and the reduction of stomach gas.  Using the fresh herb in meals or preparing it as a tea and drinking it before meals can result in a the elimination of excess stomach gas.  

It is easier than you think to avoid one of life’s most embarrassing situations.  A change in diet is usually the biggest key to reducing excess stomach gas.  Making that lifestyle change along with the addition of a few herbal supplements can help you to keep you stomach gas under control.


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