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Mucocele Home Treatment and Natural Mucocele Removal

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A Mucocele is more annoying than anything.  If you are experiencing a soft translucent bump on the tongue that is painless you might have a Mucocele.  A Mucocele is essentially a cyst that is filled with mucus or another type of fluid.  The ideal treatment for a mucocele is to just plain leave it alone and it should disappear within a few weeks.  Mucocele are generally not painful and are for the most part harmless. To avoid mucocele please chew your food slowly and do not get in the habit of biting your lip or any other mouth areas. 

Some simple home remedies for a Mucocele include:

1.  Applying Alum to the Mucocele for about 15 minutes and then wash with cool water.
2. Apply Primrose oil to the Mucocele to help it heal faster.
3. Applying honey to the Mucocele has also been reported as beneficial.

If the Mucocele does not go away after a few weeks and simple home treatments do not work please consult your doctor.  Surgical or a laser procedure may be recommended in a severe Mucocele case.  If you have any Mucocele Home Treatment methods please email us.



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