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My HealtheVet is operated by the Department of Veterans affairs and provides online Health services to veterans.  Most veterans who are regular visitors to a VA medical center/VA facility should be enrolled in MyHealth.va.gov.  The service is free and requires a valid email address.  Please be sure to check the “VA Patient” box on My HealtheVet when registering for the first time (if you are a patient at a VAMC).  MyHealtheVet is very easy to use and allows a patient online prescription refills, track and file personal health journals, sign up for VA Wellness Reminders, and request online copies of selected portions of your VistA electronic medical record (coming soon). 

 It is highly recommended that you get an upgraded My HealtheVet account if you’re a frequent user.  An upgraded account allows a Vet to take advantage of special services and features of the site that are not included for a regular account.  They can request their Personal Health Record with information from their VA electronic health record with an upgraded account among other things.  To be eligible for an upgrade you must be a current My HealtheVet user and a VA patient. 



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