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JP Morgan Chase is making it simple to access your Chase Health Advance account online at the new MyChaseHealthAdvance web portal.  A user can perform a variety of activities on the site such as make payments, sign up for recurring payments, view and print account statements, view account payment history, contact customer service, sign up for more than one account, update user information and much more.  This is a free service from Chase Health and all that is required is a valid email address.  Please note that if you have not access MyChaseHealthAdvance before 10-01-11 you will have to register again.  If you need help or have any questions you are more than welcomed to contact Chase Health Online Account Services at 1-888-519-6444.  If you can’t afford payment they have a few different  financing options as an alternative to medical loans.  No interest plans, extended payment plans and revolving lines of credit are all available.  Please see the site for more details.

Chase Health will generally cover the following:

Hearing Solutions
Hair Restoration
Weight-Loss/Bariatric Surgery

They can be contacted by mail at:

ChaseHealthAdvance Financing Options
201 North Walnut Street
Wilmington, DE 19801


Patient Payment Mailing Address:

ChaseHealthAdvance Financing Options
PO Box 4758
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4758

For Refunds and or Disputes please call 855-229-3061 Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm EST (11am – 8pm EDT).




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