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Kaiser Permanente provides information about affordable health insurance for Medicare, families and individuals.  They are based in Oakland CA and is the country’s largest nonprofit health care company.  Register users with KP.org can login with their user ID and password.  Once you login you can get access to your message and appointment center, your medical record (test results, immunizations, and other various records), and your plan coverage information (benefits, download forms, and more).  The message and appointment centers are a real cool features that allows a person to exchange secure e-mail with their doctor’s office and schedule an appointment online!  www.kp.org is available in English and Spanish and  Adobe Acrobat Reader will be needed to view and print any documents on the site. 

If your new to KP you will have to register.  The following information will be needed when registering:

A valid email address
Last and first name
Health/Medical Record number
Date of birth
Area of location



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