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www.myflexpen.com – My FlexPen Insulin Delivery

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Diabetes is a tough thing to live with.  Taking insulin injections daily can be very inconvenient and annoying.  FlexPen is here to help.  Insulin is used to help control and moderate  high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes mellitus.  Although Diabetes can be controlled effectively by diet alone sometimes Insulin shots are sometimes needed.  The My FlexPen Insulin Delivery  program makes it easier for people to take their dosage. You can fit FlexPen in your pocket or purse, and take it with you almost anywhere. 

FlexPen is marketed as a discreet, pre-filled, dial-a-dose insulin pen. The pens come prefilled with insulin Levemir, NovoLog, or NovoLog Mix 70/30.  Please note that Levemir, NovoLog, and NovoLog are available my prescription only.  Please ask your doctor about FlexPen and if its right for you.

Here is what one users says about FlexPen:

“I was started on the flexpen after being released from the hospital…I could not see well enough to fill a syringe..I was started on 40 units at bedtime….I also take metformin and Actos..and now am down to 20 units…..thank God for the pen….it’s so easy and convenient…no pain at all. My morning blood sugars are always normal.”

You can read this review and more from WEBMD here.  For the most part FlexPen gets pretty good reviews by users over at webmd.com.

www.myflexpen.com – My FlexPen Insulin Delivery


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